St. James is a community filled with hope striving to keep alive the apostolic spirit of our namesake. By virtue of our common baptism and in union with the Diocese of Pittsburgh, we believe in the Love of God the Father, the Presence of God the Son and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Founded in 1863, our legacy of persistence and resilience gives us the confidence to journey forward into the future.  The Eucharist is the center of our lives forming us into a people that mirror the boundless embrace of Christ’s Love where all can find a home at St. James Parish.


St. James

Catholic Church

200 Walnut Street

Sewickley, PA 15143, USA




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Saint James 3 Year Pastoral Plan 2015

What is Pastoral Council?

Prior to 1999 parishes in our diocese functioned with a group of men and women, elected by the parish members under the heading of Parish Council.  There were four major committees that assisted the Pastor in managing the day-to-day tasks of running a parish.

In the year 2000, the Bishop asked all the parishes to adopt a new model of operation called Pastoral Council.  Instead of four committees, there is now one body of 10 to 12 men and women.  Instead of elections (which really became quite political), the Pastor now initiates a call to the parish-at-large for anyone interested in joining Pastoral Council. To those interested, he explains their potential role on Pastoral Council; and after prayerful consideration, a selection of the new members is made.

Bishop Zubik wrote in his Pastoral Council Guidelines, One Body, One Mission, that “It is the task of Pastoral Council to keep before the faithful of the parish their baptismal commitment to make Jesus’ Mission the Mission of the parish.”  This is accomplished by listening to the members of the parish and bringing those needs, both spiritual and temporal, to the pastor and then offer him counsel to support his discernment on how to best meet these needs. Unlike the old Parish Council, the Pastoral Council acts as a consultative body to the pastor, who makes the final decision regarding all parish matters.  One of the Pastoral Council’s tasks is to develop a Parish Pastoral Plan with clear goals and objectives to be implemented over a three-year period.  The Pastoral Council then helps the Pastor identify parishioners who can help achieve our Parish’s new goals and objectives.

Pastoral Council Members

Patte Grey - Facilitator

Ivan Hofmann

Glenn Roos

Jeff Minarek

Janice Roos

Mike Baxter

Anna Villella

Linda Soldressen

Ed Bauer

Christian Stampfel

Saint James Finance Council

What is Finance Council?

Finance Council –The Finance Council provides oversight in the area of Stewardship which in-volves time, treasure and talent.  The Finance Council receives direction from the Pastoral Council so that goals and objectives will be met.  The Finance Council helps prepare the budget for the parish by working closely with the business manager to monitor the budget throughout the year.  The Finance Council identifies the needs of the physical plant and makes recommendations for its upkeep, maintenance and development.  Please contact Karin Masterani at 412-741-6650 or saintjamesparish@comcast.net

Finance Council Members

Andrea Vescio - Facilitator

Doreen Carraway

Daniel Kerner

Judy Spanos

William Richardson

Sandy Olenick

Jamie Rogers

Jack Wilberger

Evelyn Wiley

Ed Bauer

Glenn Roos